The King and the Sheep, Matthew 25.31-46


What do the works performed by the sheep have to do with the necessity of faith? The King and Good Shepherd, Jesus, gathers all of His sheep together and separates them from the goats. Their good deeds are acknowledged as a demonstration of the faith they have in their Shepherd. What does this mean for us today?

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Gifts of a Merciful Father, Matthew 25.14-30


How do you view the master of the servants in Matthew 25.14-30? Is he a cruel man who takes from others what isn't is or is he a generous master who gives freely to his servants? How one views the master will affect how we view our Lord and Savior, Jesus, and his Father in heaven. WE consider just what is happening in the parable of the talents in this sermon.

Image: By Willem de Poorter (The Parable of The Talents) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Foolish and Wise, Matthew 25.1-13


The Kingdom of heaven is like ten virgins? What a strange picture that Jesus creates for us in our Gospel lesson for this Sunday. What does he mean by this parable? Hear what Father Jeremiah has to say about this passage for us today.

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Religious and Spiritual, Matthew 23.1-12


How is the saying "I'm spiritual, but not religious," just as much an error as the formality and religiosity of the Pharisees and Scribes? How does this apply to us? How can we avoid the pitfalls of this religiosity and legalism and the opposite error of throwing out all formality by claiming being 'spiritual'? In today's sermon, Fr. Jeremiah considers these things and how the answer is found in the humility of Jesus creating humility in us.

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Love God, Love Man, Matthew 22.34-36


In light of the Reformation, how is it even possible to approach a God who demands complete love of ourselves for himself? How do we serve him? Hear what how we respond to Jesus' statements today.


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Rendering to God, Matthew 22.15-22


When Jesus was asked a question about rendering taxes to Caesar, he gave an answer that shocked everyone. He said one should! But alongside that he also told us to give to God what is his. What do we make of this today? How might we understand how Jesus perfectly rendered to God what is his? Does it matter to me?


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Wedding Guests and Garments, Matthew 22.1-14

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What's a wedding banquet with a bunch of random guests have to do with the kingdom of God? What do wedding clothes have to do with being welcomed into the kingdom? Is there a way to make sense of all of this? Listen to find out more from Father Jeremiah.

The Joy of Forgiveness, Psalm 32


This Sunday, Andrew Hane, a student at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC, preached on the forgiveness that comes to us through Christ. He looked at Psalm 32 and David's words in light of his sin with Bathsheba and the coverup that he attempted before coming under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and returning back to God.


Image: Study of King David, by Julia Margeret Cameron, depicts Sir Henry Taylor, 1866, Public Domain.