Knowing the Holy Spirit


 On Pentecost nearly two thousand years ago, the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the Church. Who is this person that the Father and Son have given to the church? Why does he do what he does and what is it that he has come to do? Listen now to find out more about all of this from Father Jeremiah.

Image: Heilige Dreifaltigkeit by Andrej Rublev [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Bearing Our Humanity


Does it really matter that Jesus ascended into heaven bodily? What kind of impact does that have upon my own faith? Does it make a difference to my daily life and the life of the Church? Far from being unimportant, Jesus' ascension of utmost necessity for our redemption and salvation. Hear what Father Jeremiah has to say about this extraordinary event in both Jesus' life and the life of the Church.

Image:  The Ascension, by Benjamin West, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Location:,_PRA.jpg

What is Love? John 15.9-17


What is love? Is it merely an emotion that we experience or is it something more? St. John says that God is love and that love is not us loving God but something greater than that. What is that? Listen to find out more from Father Jeremiah.

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The Promised Spirit, John 14.15-20


We encounter Jesus' teaching on the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John in the midst of Easter. What will the Spirit do for the disciples and for us? How can we live the life that will receive the Spirit? How does our having the Spirit relate to Christ dwelling in us? Listen to find out more! 

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The Good Shepherd that We Need, John 10.11-18

There have been many wicked shepherds that have led God's people astray. Yet, so often God's people have embraced them more quickly than God himself. What are we to make of this? What does God do in response to the wicked shepherds and his people's need? Listen to find out more.

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The Resurrection, Luke 24:36-49


The resurrection changes everything! In texts from Micah, Luke, and First John, we see the wide ranging effects of Jesus' resurrection on us and all the world. What are these effects? How do they come to us? How do we receive the benefits of Jesus' resurrection? Listen to find out more.

By Lucas Cranach der Ältere (1472–1553) - Herzogliches Museum Gotha, Public Domain,

Doubt, Grace, and Blessing, John 20.19-31


Why does Thomas cast doubt on the resurrection of Jesus? Is he any different from the other disciples? Is he any different than us? Thomas' doubt wasn't surprising to Jesus as he gives grace to Thomas. Find out more about this amazing passage today with Father Jeremiah.

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That Which Our Enemy Does Not Have, Mark 16.1-8


Jesus resurrection is the greatest act of God in history. The women, in Mark's Gospel, visited Jesus' tomb but did not find him there, only a young man. What do we make of this? What does it mean? What does it reveal about God our Father in heaven? Listen now to find out more from Father Jeremiah.

Image: Der Auferstandene, by Lucas Cranach. Public domain in the United States.

To the Uttermost, John 13.1-15


In John 13, Jesus reveals what the humble servant really looks like and shows us that only he is that true humble servant. Can we embrace the washing that we need to undergo continually through Jesus Christ? Or will we have no part in him? Listen to find out more about John 13.

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The Glory of the Day that the Lord has Made, Mark 11.1-11; Psalm 118:19-29


Jesus said that the hour of his glory was coming after he entered into Jerusalem. What was this glory that he was anticipating? Did his own disciples understand what was going to happen? The day that the Lord has made is a glorious day that we are called to rejoice in. What is that day that the psalmist is referring to? Is it the same as the one that Jesus is thinking of? Listen to find out more.

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