Jesus Revealed: Feelings, Blessings, and Woes, Luke 6.17-26


What do our feelings have to do with Jesus’ blessings and woes from Luke 6.17-26? How do our feelings affect our everyday walk with Jesus? Father Jeremiah brings before us the importance of the whole Word of God in regard to how we allow our feelings to be our guides in life too easily.

Image: Sermon on the Mount, Cosimo Rosselli [Public domain]

Four Pastoral and Educational Affirmations: Holy Scripture

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Father Jeremiah, Pastors Brack and Jason continue our two churches’ study of the Four Pastoral and Educational Affirmations put forward by the Ecumenical Consultation of the ACNA and the NALC. This week we go over our understanding of the nature and use of Holy Scripture. What is it? How does it lead us? How is it authoritative? How does it relate to both Jesus and the Holy Spirit? These are some of the questions addressed in our time together.

Jesus Revealed: Our Confession, His Absolution, Luke 5.1-11


Jesus was teaching by the seashore and goes out on a boat in order to better teach the crowds. Afterwards, he asks Peter to go out and cast his nets in the middle of the day. When Peter catches more fish than his nets can handle, he turns to Jesus and confesses his sinfulness. What does Jesus do? What happens here changes the course of Peter’s life and it can change yours too. Listen to find out how Jesus works through our confession and His absolution.

Image: Maestà, Altarretabel des Sieneser Doms, Rückseite, Predella mit Szenen zur Versuchung Christi und Wundertaten, Szene: Die Berufung der Apostel Petrus und Andreas, Duccio di Buoninsegna [Public domain] Image Location:

Four Pastoral and Educational Affirmations: Holy Communion

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We continue our study of the ACNA-NALC Four Pastoral and Education Affirmations. We consider our agreement upon how we understand Holy Communion, also known as the Eucharist and the Lord’s Supper. Father Jeremiah and Pastor Jason lead us through the study explaining what God is doing in our midst when we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ through the bread and wine.

Jesus Revealed: Knowing Where You Are, Luke 4.21-32


The people of Nazareth rejected Jesus’ preaching because they refused to understand where they were. They couldn’t see just what the Messiah was going to do and so became infuriated with him. Do you know where you are in this life? Do you know what you truly need? Can you receive Jesus as he truly is by seeing where you truly are?

Image: Christ Preaching, Rembrandt [Public domain]. Image location:

Four Pastoral and Educational Affirmations: Baptism

Father Jeremiah, along with the pastors of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Brack and Jason, walked through the first study of the Four Pastoral and Educational Affirmations of the ACNA and NALC. In this teaching they talk about the history, importance, and application of baptism. Our two church bodies are from two different denominational traditions and yet can find common ground on how we understand baptism. Find out how we agree on this most important doctrine of the church.

Jesus Revealed: Year of Jubilee, Luke 4.14-21


When Jesus went into Nazareth after his baptism, he was full of the Holy Spirit and he went to the synagogue. He was the reader and preacher that day. What is the meaning of his words that day? What does it mean for the Messiah to proclaim the year of the Lord? How do we respond to the words of Scripture before our eyes and ears? Listen today to find out more about this passage from Luke 4.

Image: Year of Jubilee, from the book The story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Told in simple language adapted to all ages, but especially to the young, author unknown. Location:

Jesus Revealed: Wine for Newness, John 2.1-11


What does water turned into wine have to do with the great marriage feast of the Lamb? What does Jesus being at a wedding reveal about marriage? Is there something about prayer to be learned from the wedding at Cana? These questions are dealt with this week as we consider Jesus revealed through the wine for newness.

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The Star that Leads, Matthew 2.1-12


The wise men came searching for the King of the Jews by following a star. That star led them to the Christ child and they worshiped him recognizing something more to this little one than many others who would encounter him in the future. What does all of this mean? How are we led to Christ? What are the means by which God draws us to himself through Jesus?

Image: St Mary Major; 13th century mosaic: Adoration of the Magi, by Franciscan, Jacopo Torriti.