Faith and Unbelief, Mark 9.14-29


What do we do about faith and unbelief? Are we in one or the other all the time? What are we to do when we find ourselves a mixed bag? Hear about the importance of the father’s confession to Jesus of his unbelief in Father Jeremiah’s sermon from Sunday.

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Deaf and Mute, Mark 7.31-37


What are we to make of Jesus’ healing of a deaf and mute man? Is there more to it than the not so simple healing? Can we relate to this story and apply it to ourselves? Father Jeremiah considers these questions and brings this story to bear upon us today.

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Traditions of the Heart, Mark 7:1-23


Do traditions have anything to do with our faith? Can every tradition blind us to the truth of God's word? What about our hearts? What is to be done with our hearts? Listen to hear more form Father Jeremiah about this passage from the Gospel of Mark.

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Eating the Flesh of Jesus, John 6.51-59


In our passage from the Gospel of St. John, Jesus says that we are to eat his flesh and then that we are to feed on his flesh and drink his blood. What does Jesus mean?  How are we to feed on Jesus? Father Jeremiah walks us through this passage and helps us to lay hold of the truth of what Jesus is telling us today.

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Bread that Gives Life, John 6.35-51


We continue in Jesus' Bread of Life Discourse this week. What is Jesus wanting us to understand about his teaching? What does he call for us to do? Do I come to Him of my own accord? Father Jeremiah walks us through this part of St. John's Gospel and helps us to understand what Jesus is teaching us.

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True Bread for True Life, John 6:24-35


In our first in a series of sermons from John 6, Jesus confronts the people with their desire to only receive blessings from him, but not the deeper significance of his sign of multiplying bread. What are to make of this passage? Are we doing the same thing in our lives? Do we only want to receive, but not lift our eyes to the deeper reason for the gift we have been given? Listen now to find out more!

Reality Bends to His Will, Mark 6:45-52



How is it that Jesus walks on the water? What is the meaning of this act that we are so used to reading about? What does it have to do with the Old Testament? Listen to find out the answers to these questions with Father Jeremiah.

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The Main Character, Mark 6.7-13


It's easy to put ourselves in the middle of the biblical story. Too often we think of the actions of the main character as being what we are supposed to do. The truth is though that we aren't the main characters. Really we are the side characters and that changes everything.

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