Two Widows, a Prophet, and the High Priest, Mark 12.38-44


What do two widows, a prophet, and a high priest tell us about faith? How does the work of Christ undergird all of our responses to that very work? Who are the main characters in these passages from 1 Kings, Hebrews, and the Gospel of Mark? Listen now to hear what Father Jeremiah is teaching about the work of Jesus on our behalf.

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Death by Serving, Mark 10.35-45


Once again, the disciples are worried about being the greatest amongst one another in the kingdom. Once again, Jesus teaches his disciples about the nature of servanthood and what his calling is in light of being sent by the Father. What does that mean for us today? Listen now to find out more.

Image: Le Christ rencontrant la femme et les fils de Zébédée, Paolo Veronese [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Good isn't Good Enough, Mark 10.17-31


What can we do to inherit salvation? That’s the question of the rich young man in St. Mark’s Gospel today. What does Jesus tell him? Is there compassion in his words or is it harsh law heaped upon the man and us today? How do we respond to Jesus’ call to each of us? Listen now to find out more.

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A Wedding Sermon


Father Jeremiah officiated his first wedding. It was his pleasure to preach this sermon for the couple he was marrying. In this, Father Jeremiah considers the foundation of marriage, its nature of Law and Gospel, and the mystical aspect of it being a foreshadow of what Christ has with his Church. He brings us all back into the continual need for forgiveness to flow between a husband and wife in the midst of submitting to one another in Christ.

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War and Sacrifice, Mark 9.38-50


We are in the midst of a war! We are fighting against the evil within ourselves and we are called to sacrifice in light of this. How do we make this sacrifice? How can we fight when the fight is with ourselves? What does Jesus mean by cutting off one’s hand and foot and tearing out one’s eye? Aren't these good things that God has given to us?

Image: From the book The War in Europe, It’s causes and consequences, by Rossiter Johnson, 1914. No known copyrights on image.

Overcoming the Self-god, Mark 9.30-37


After Jesus teaches his disciples about his death and resurrection once more, they go on to argue about who is the greatest. What happens when we try to be the greatest? Who is really in charge of us then? Are we really following Jesus? Listen to find out what Father Jeremiah has to say today.

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Faith and Unbelief, Mark 9.14-29


What do we do about faith and unbelief? Are we in one or the other all the time? What are we to do when we find ourselves a mixed bag? Hear about the importance of the father’s confession to Jesus of his unbelief in Father Jeremiah’s sermon from Sunday.

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Deaf and Mute, Mark 7.31-37


What are we to make of Jesus’ healing of a deaf and mute man? Is there more to it than the not so simple healing? Can we relate to this story and apply it to ourselves? Father Jeremiah considers these questions and brings this story to bear upon us today.

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