Pictured with Bishop David C. Bryan (center), Suffragen Bishop of the Diocese of the Carolinas

The Reverend Jeremiah Caughran (on the right) was ordained to the priesthood on August 1, 2016 and became the vicar (pastor) of Grace Anglican Church on September 1, 2016. He is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC with a Master of Divinity. He has served in a variety of churches. Before coming to Grace Anglican, he served as a Deacon to King of Kings Anglican Church in Charlotte, NC.

Father Jeremiah and his family began attending an Anglican church in the fall of 2009. For years he had sensed a call toward ministry but had not been able to connect to a tradition through which to be ordained. Upon discovering the Anglican Way, Fr. Jeremiah knew he had found a home for himself and his family. After finishing seminary, he was able to formally enter the ordination process and now finds himself on a new adventure serving the Lord with the community of Grace Anglican Church.

Fr. Jeremiah has been married to Rachel for 12 years and they have four children, who are all excited to be joining Grace Anglican. Jeremiah and Rachel both grew up in East Tennessee, and enjoy spending time in the mountains when they can. They have lived in South Charlotte for the past 10 years, and look forward to exploring and becoming better acquainted with the city of Gastonia.

Aside from spending time with his family, Jeremiah enjoys music, coffee, reading theology and all things Doctor Who.