What To Expect:

  • First and foremost, expect to be greeted with warmth. We look forward to your visit.
  • Expect a service that points you to toward Christ. Our goal is to turn our point of view away from ourselves and towards the Lord. The worship service is more about Him, and less about us. Our service is rooted in the ancient practices of the Church, yet connected to the world in which we live. We sing new songs along with old ones. We hope you will enjoy our service, and that it will help you to worship God through Jesus Christ in Spirit and in truth.
  • Expect to find a place where every member of the family is valued. We believe the Church to be multi-generational, and at its best when each generation is bringing its life experiences. We offer nursery care and children's Sunday School as well.
  • Expect Holy Communion. Each Sunday we celebrate all that God has done for us through Jesus Christ by eating bread and wine together, a meal through which Christ is present.
  • Expect the Pastor to be available. We encourage you to talk with our Pastor/Rector, regarding any questions you may have, and to check our website for information as well.