At Grace Anglican, we desire to rejoice together in the good things that God has done for us through Jesus Christ and how He leads us through all the days of our lives.

Easter Sunday is the great celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We gather to worship and rejoice at this great act of God in history.

In the Anglican tradition, baptism is not merely an outward public profession of faith, but is the place where God acts to brings us into the body of Christ. Therefore, all baptisms are a wonderful celebration of God the Father acting through Jesus Christ for us. The baptism of infants is especially joyful, for it captures our complete helplessness in our sin and that God acts upon us to bring us to himself before we even know it.

The men of Grace Anglican got together for the 2nd Annual Cremate Barbecue in November. Lots of good food and a good time was had by all.


In August, we had an end of summer pool party. Lots of water got splashed and lots of us all got wet! A good pot luck dinner and a fun evening was had by all.

Father Jeremiah joined with Pastor Joseph Taber of the Presbyterian Church of Lowell and together hosted an evening called "Ask A Pastor" at Cavendish Brewing Company. Lots of great questions were asked and some new friendships made!


Father Jeremiah did a time of teaching for the newest members of Grace Anglican. He taught on the public reading of Scripture, leading the congregation through the prayers of the people, and chalice bearing.

Father Jeremiah, Rachel, Eva, and Bishop David

Our bishop visited us recently. He baptized Father Jeremiah's new daughter and also confirmed and received a number of new members to our family. These are just a few pictures from the wonderful day.

Image 2017-12-13_14-57-25-488.jpeg

Bishop David with his St. Nicolas ornament

We had the joy of celebrating a baptism at Grace Anglican. The baptism of little children is a very important event in the life of a church. Baptism is an act of God on our behalf; he is making this child his own through Jesus and promising the gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation. We rejoice in the work of Jesus coming to us through the simple act of baptism.

Father Jeremiah and his wife took the high school youth out.  They all went to Purple Planet 3-D Mini Golf. Underneath black lights, each hole became an extreme challenge for all. After two rounds of golf, they finished up the day with an air hockey tournament.

We got to enjoy a wonderful pool party at the beginning of August thanks to the generosity of the Aikens family. A fun time was had by all!

The women of Grace and King of Kings Anglican in Charlotte gathered to shower our priest's wife with baby gifts for their upcoming birth.

Some of us got together to watch a double header with the Gastonia Grizzlies. The kids got to meet Chizzle and enjoy some ballpark food for dinner. Fr. Jeremiah even got a foul ball! 

Brent and Marianne Pilson

Brent and Marianne Pilson came to Grace Anglican and shared with us about their missionary work in Chambery, France.

Three of our members recently graduated from high school. We are very excited for the next stage of life for them!

Fr. Jeremiah with the graduates just before church

The graduates enjoying some extra attention

Their new Bibles for everyone to see

The amazing cake served at the graduation celebration

The amazing cake served at the graduation celebration

Fr Jeremiah presenting the graduates with their gifts

Waiting patiently for food to be served

Enjoying food and good conversations together

Everyone enjoying themselves during the meal

More enjoying food and good conversation

Ready to go!

Waiting on the final preparations for our celebration

During May, we had a yard sale to support the Place of Refuge in their ministry of adoption. It was a joy meeting many people from around our community and all of us helping this wonderful ministry.

Giving Dr. Ancil Overby a check of the proceeds from our yard sale