Grace and peace in the name of Jesus Christ!




The Place of Refuge, located at

800 Robinson Rd, Gastonia, NC.

We are a growing church in Gaston County, inviting all believers to come worship with us. We are a multigenerational church with a blended-style of worship who also follow forms of prayers and scripture readings that come out of the ancient church and the English Reformation.

We are reaching out to those who do not have a church family, those seeking an alternative in the Anglican tradition by standing  on the truth of Scripture, as well as those who do not presently worship in a church.

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Grace Anglican has been growing! Because of this, Father Jeremiah led a teaching time for new and old members to learn about serving during worship. We all learned some basics on reading Scripture, praying prayers, and serving with the chalice during communion. This time was recorded and has now been posted to our YouTube channel and here on our website.

Click here to see the videos on our site. Or go to our YouTube channel to watch them.

We are a proud member of the Diocese of the Carolinas within the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). Find out more by subscribing to our diocesan newsletter here.

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